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शालाक्यं नाम ऊर्ध्वजत्रुगतानां रोगाणां श्रवणनयनवदनघ्राणादिसंश्रितानां व्याधीनामुपशमनार्थम् । [susrutha samhita sutrasthana 1/7-2 ]

Salakya tantra refers to the treatment of diseases pertaining to urdhvanga ie, the areas above the neck such as those confined to the ears, eye, mouth nose etc. It comprehends the faculties of ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology [ENT].
While describing the importance of uttamanga, vagbhata compared the shiras to the root of tree and body to the stem of the tree. If the root is nourished tree survives, so it is advised to protect the shiras against the injuries and diseases and it is explained in shalakya tantra.

We provide classes on salakya tantra.

Our features,

•    Theory classes based on each topic of the subject’s syllabus.
•    Discussing the fundamental elements of each subject.
•    Detailed notes on the basis of syllabus.
•    Question paper discussions to improve your exam skill.
•    Broaden and deepen your level of knowledge with best mentors.
•    Separate classes for the UG and PG students based on the syllabus and relevant research paper discussion.
•    Medium used is English

Join us to be a “skilled one”.

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