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We had Started our Website in 2016 February.

At the initial stage, we had given the details and information about the facilities of Ayurveda hospitals and clinics in Kerala as a service through our Website. And also collaborated with Ayurveda hospital managements association(AHMA), for genuine data collection that made beneficial for a lot to get information about Ayurveda Hospitals all over Kerala through our website.
In 2017 Dr P.M Warrier (Managing trustee of Kottakal Ayur vaidya sala ) inaugurated our website

In early 2018 we Started Coordinating training activities with aim of upgrading skills in young Ayurveda doctors similarly managing different activities and workshops of the kind to uplift the true potential in them.

From 2019 Onwards, we have organised various courses.
To elevate the field of Ayurveda education and training, Courses has been established to uplift and upgrade the skills of doctors who are a part of it, intending to create quality doctors in the field of Ayurveda.

From 2022 onwards, we bring Ayurveda Map Brand under MedMap Medical Services L.L.P and its owned and systematicallly proceeding all activities by the same firm. We developed our Academy for Offline activities - Life Engineering Academy- Calicut.

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