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तत्र शल्यम् नाम विविधतॄणकाष्ठपाषाणपांशुलोहलोष्टास्थिबालनखपूयास्रावदुष्टव्रणान्तर्गर्भशल्योद्धरणार्थं यन्त्रशस्त्रक्षाराग्नि प्रणिधानव्रणविनिश्चयार्थं च | [ susrutha samhita sutrasthana 1/7-1 ].

Salya tantra, deals with various surgical and orthopaedic procedures and also removing foreign bodies, either of exogenous origin and endogenous origin comes under salya tantra. It deals with the diagnosis and management of inflammatory swellings and includes the description and uses of various surgical instruments and appliances. Further, it explains the mode of preparation, properties and application of various cauteries.

We emphasize quality and value based education to obtain optimum skill in the field of shalya tantra. The sessions have proficient faculties, detailed study on the basis of syllabus, relevant research paper discussion, and question paper discussion.
Medium used is English.

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